Roooaaaddd Trrrriiipppp!

I am writing from the comfort of my home after spending the day unpacking music gear from the trailer and washing the campfire smoke out of clothes! We just arrived back in Perth from a tour of the SouthWest.

We started our tour on Good Friday at Liberte’ in Albany. Part of the Old London Hotel, this venue excels in food and cocktails. Its chic Parisian style décor is a feature and we enjoyed playing to a busy dinner crowd.

Our second show at Garrison in Albany conflicted with  Shanty Festival performances but that didn’t prevent a full house at this iconic and upmarket venue. Luckily for us, we managed to catch a shanty session or two before our show.

Having never visited Garrison before, it took our breath away and we received amazing responses from audience members. A German family requested ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and we worked it out on the fly, putting big smiles on their faces.

Sunday morning saw us hit the road early for a show at the Walpole Markets. The sun was shining and we had a blast playing on this fair Easter morning. A listener approached me to say she was related to Mary Reibey and how much she enjoyed my song. Day made!

On Sunday evening we played at the gorgeous Freehand Wines, in Denmark. Matt and Dannie have built a very special place – the sound, the intimate stage set-up, the incredible wines – it’s an absolute pleasure to play there. We also received some really touching feedback from listeners – it’s a huge honour to have people sing along to your songs and to be told how meaningful they are to them. We even had a marriage proposal in the audience – congratulations to the happy couple!

Monday saw us set up camp at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park. An unusual location for a gig, it didn’t stop us setting up our stage and 
entertaining adults and children, who applauded from their folding chairs and tents.

A few days off between shows saw us kayaking the Walpole inlet, encountering some sting rays and an assortment of bird and insect life (Christmas spider anyone?).

Onstage with a great bunch of musicians, Thurlby Herb Farm, Walpole.
Photo: Rebecca Lennox

A lunchtime show at Thurlby Herb Farm was a joy. The gardens there are beautiful and manager Tammy is indeed a food artist. We are sad to hear that the café will be closing but look forward to seeing what happens on these gorgeous grounds.

Out final show was a house concert at DecoHousing in Denmark. This inspirational cohousing community opened only in the last year and this was their first official house concert. The HempCrete walls kept us warm, as did the shared outdoor fire after the show. Finishing our tour with a community pancake breakfast the next morning was a highlight we won’t soon forget.

Blanket caterpillar by Ash.
Photo: Jenny Gaunt

Overall, it was cold – very cold, but we encountered warmth everywhere we went. Thanks to all those who came to shows and supported original music, you’re absolute champions!
Talk soon,

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